Umzimvubu Retreat

Umzimvubu Retreat was founded and established in 1999.
Dries, Elsa and Christi, decided early 1999 that they were tired of the fast lane and city life. They resigned their full time jobs, took their savings and bought the property, offering up all their security.
With the existing building on the property being in a total state of disrepair, intensive and hard work was at the order of the day.

The potential was there to convert and turn it into the place it is today. No gardens, no working windows, no plumbing and a lot of problems with safety & security.
It took 10 months of non-stop work to renovate, repair and build up the property to its current state today. They were faced with challenges like acquiring quality hardware, language barrier and unskilled labour. From being pen pushers to suddenly artisans - it was blood, sweat and tears.

During the latter part of 2000, the first guests were booked into the guesthouse and all were proud with the achievement.
Yet, new opportunities arose and adjacent properties were secured and further repairs and upgrades were underway.
Slowly but surely experience was gained in the tourism industry and guest housing. What made it easy, was the fact that all enjoy meeting new people. With having hardly any recreational activities, it soon became second nature to host and entertain guests. Guests became friends and the guest house became home away from home for many visitors.

Dries, Christi & Elsa feel very strongly about being placed in Port St Johns to contribute to the growth and education of the local people. Getting involved in community projects and training of staff, giving back something was and is still a huge privilege and very rewarding.
Now looking back, the puzzle pieces have been put together one by one.

Dries, Elsa & Christi give thanks to our Creator for all His grace, love and guidance. All Glory to Him.